Adult Star Nabbed As Man Dies In Spain Shamanic Ritual

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This adult move star has been arrested by Spanish cops probing the death of a photographer who died after allegedly smoking toad poison during a shamanic ritual at the actor’s mansion.

Adult film star Nacho Vidal, 46, was reportedly arrested in the municipality of Xativa in the province of Valencia in southeastern Spain.

The local investigative police reportedly carried out an investigation that led to the arrest of Vidal together with one of his cousins and a man who worked at his Playboy-style mansion in the city of Enguera.


The names of the two suspects arrested with Vidal have not been reported.

The three suspects are accused of failing to prevent the death of photographer Jose Luis Abad when they gave him bufotenin to smoke, a poison contained in the skin of some species of toads, during a shamanic ritual allegedly performed in the actor’s mansion on 28th July 2019.

Reports state that the local authorities accuse Vidal, his cousin and his employee of not calling the emergency services when the photographer suffered a heart attack during the ritual.

CEN/Juanpis Gonzalez

A friend of Luis Abad only named in reports as Angel told local media: “It was a surprise. The day before we had met a group of friends to go to a beach in Gandia but Jose Luis (Abad) did not come. We talked about him going to Nacho Vidal’s house to ‘smoke the toad’.”

Reports state that Vidal started to promote the ritual with toad poison in 2017 as a healing experience to solve problems including drug abuse or depression.

Vidal said in a YouTube video that he first smoked the toad poison in Ibiza, adding: “It made me squirm, die, my soul went completely out of my body and it exploded. I had no limits, my body was light, it was part of the ground, the sky, the plants, I was the universe.


“It takes away addictions, attachments, cocaine, alcohol, no sleeping pills, coffee, Coke, sugar or salt.”

The three suspects have reportedly been on probation since 2nd June while the investigation continues.

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