Zoo Visitors Film Brutal Stag Attack On Keeper

Story By: Elena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@ASTV

This is the shocking moment a zoo visitor calmly films a keeper being mauled by a stag at a zoo and does nothing to shout or scare the animal away.

The footage was reportedly shot at Sakhalin Zoo in South Sakhalin City, located on the far eastern Russian island of the same name.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@ASTV

It shows the person filming walking up towards the enclosure but not shouting or making a noise to try and distract the deer, although initially a couple of people in the distance on the other side of the enclosure can be heard shouting.

But that soon dies away as everybody stands around simply watching the man fighting as the pointed antlers of the stag are used as a weapon against him.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@ASTV

The keeper is already lying on the ground and using his hands and feet to try and avoid being stabbed by the antlers after the stag floored him when he went inside its enclosure.

One man can be seen standing alongside a young child only a few metres away, who is simply watching what is going on, and how the keeper is apparently fighting for his life as the antlers tear at his clothes and skin.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@ASTV

Although not seen in the footage, the attack eventually ended when a second keeper entered the enclosure to chase the animal away, and was also mauled before both managed to flee. The second keeper, a woman, was reportedly pinned against the fence by the angry stag.

Netizen ‘Tatyana Anokhina’ was one of those that criticised the keeper saying: “At this time of year, deer begin their mating season, they are very dangerous and they are justifiably very well guarded at the zoo, the man only has himself to blame for this, I have no idea why he climbed in there.”

But ‘Gobik’ had another explanation, saying: “In captivity, animals just go crazy.”

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