Yummy Mummy Talking On Phone Drops Baby From Pram

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@KrasnoyarskPublicTransport

This is the moment a yummy mummy in a tight white dress drops her baby on the tarmac from a bus while she talks on the phone.

The young woman later told police that the bus driver was to blame for starting up the vehicle and moving as she was trying to get off.

But she was apparently unaware that there was a CCTV camera as she climbed off the bus in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai region.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@KrasnoyarskPublicTransport

The footage starts off with the bus pulling to a stop and the doors opening as the young woman then moves forward, at the same time as holding her phone between her head on her shoulder.

She does not notice that the pram is tipping forward in which the baby is unsecured. Almost immediately it topples out from the top of the steps and lands on the tarmac below as passengers try and fail to reach out and grab it.

The footage then shows the woman outside cuddling the child which was then taken to hospital for treatment.

The injuries were not specified, but medics called cops to report the accident and the woman tried to blame it on the bus driver.

When the footage was studied however it was revealed this was not true, and she now faces a police probe.

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