Dad Has Heart Attack After Hearing Lost-At-Sea Son Alive

Story BySibel AbdiuSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

This man survived 12 hours lost at sea but his father died of a heart attack after his son told him about the ordeal after he was rescued.

The incident happened in the Gemlik district of the northwest province of Bursa in Turkey after 10 people on a private boat left Gemlik Kursunlu harbour.

Local media report the boat stopped working when it was caught in a riptide after it left the harbour and Yaman Sipka, Serdar Sincan and his wife Natalie Sincan, no ages reported, decided to jump off and swim to shore.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

However, the three were also caught in the tide and those on the boat lost sight of them. The boat then began working again and those on board made their way back to the harbour to alert the authorities about those in the water.

A rescue operation was launched and the police worked with Mudanya Coast Safety Command for 12 hours in the water before they found Yaman Sipka alive.

Twenty hours after Natalie Sincan and the others had jumped into the water, her body washed ashore. Rescue teams are still searching for Serdar Sincan. 

Rescued Sipka said: “I tried to save myself. I applied the knowledge I had for such cases. I knew I shouldn’t drink sea water and I knew I shouldn’t waste too much energy, those things saved my life. It was wonderful getting together with my wife after 12 hours. I was very happy to be with my family but when I remember Natalie and Serdar I get upset again.

He explained to local media that his family had not told his elderly parents he was missing as they did not want to worry them. He said: “My elder brother knew and he came from Istanbul and stayed with my parents. But the next morning when I was saved I wanted to tell them what happened and I explained the whole incident to them.

“Then we left their home. 10 minutes later my elder brother called and told me my father Muhammet Sipka, 85, had had a heart attack and then we lost him.” 

The search to find Serdar Sincan is ongoing.

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