Young Mum Dies After Boob Job Goes Wrong

Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Tributes have poured in for this young mum who became brain dead and died after undergoing an operation to fix one of her breast implants.

Sol Arbach, 33, who lived in the city of Cordoba, in the north-central Argentine province of the same name with her boyfriend and her two-year-old son had a problem with one of her breast implants.

Picture Credit: CEN

The implant had encapsulated and Arbach underwent surgery to have it fixed in a clinic the neighbourhood of Cerro de las Rosas, where she had undergone the first surgery to have the implants done.

However, the mother left the operation brain dead and was sent to Allende clinic in a critical condition and she died there.

The operation suffered complications because of pneumothorax, a lung collapse caused when the air escapes from the lung and it is not allowed to expand and hypoxia, when the body does not have enough oxygen to keep working. 

It is unclear if her family are planning to take legal action against the doctors or clinic where the operation took place.

Franco Castano, her boyfriend, dedicated a touching message to her on social media, writing: “I will ask myself thousands of questions, and probably most of them will not get an answer. It will break my soul thousands of times while finding your memories at home, while listening to our son calling you, while lying in bed and hugging your absence, waiting for you and knowing you are not going to arrive, knowing that the lost time will not come back.

“Time will teach me to get up again, to walk alone with our son, to tell him who his mum was, to give my love and yours to him, to fill the empty hours of the night during dinner. You left here and the emptiness will be immense, but my heart will always be big knowing that I had the luck of having you, and that the passing of time will not be able to remove your fingerprint from me. Goodbye my love, fly away high and wait for me, as I still have missions here. I love you forever”.

Local media report breast implant encapsulations are a common complication and occur when the patient’s organism reacts against a foreign body. This causes the implant to harden, causing pain and usually the patient will the implant removed.

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