Writers Boycott Turkish Actor After He Beat His GF

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

Over 100 screenwriters have taken a stand against Turkish film actor Ozan Guven after he allegedly beat up his beautiful girlfriend.

The scriptwriters have called on film producers and TV channels to take a stand against Guven, 45, after his girlfriend Deniz Bulutsuz claimed on Instagram that she was assaulted by him.

Bulutsuz said she was beaten by her boyfriend at his home on 13th June in her post on 1st July.


She wrote: “I was subjected to physical violence for over an hour. I will use my legal rights against Guven, who intended to kill me by not allowing me to leave the house while beating me and who is responsible for physical and psychological violence.”

Bulutsuz added that she is receiving counselling over the incident.

The victim continued: “He didn’t let me leave the house and said ‘you can’t go anywhere. You’ll stay here because you deserve this. I’m going to kill you’.


“He also took my phone away from me.”

Bulutsuz said that she managed to flee from the house barefoot and without her mobile phone.

According to the news site Duvar English, domestic violence against women is a serious problem in Turkey, and men, including celebrities, are known to look out for each other and often question the victims’ statements and motives, sometimes implying they are only with them because of money.

After Bulutsuz alleged that the Turkish actor beat her, Guven posted a photo of his bruised arm on social media claiming that his girlfriend “threatened to end my career”.


However, many netizens pointed out that the marks on his arm were probably the result of his girlfriend defending herself.

Over 100 screenwriters have reportedly jumped to Bulutsuz’s defence. In a statement, they said: “Women who are subjected to violence or harassment feel obliged to remain silent over social pressure because they know the society’s cruel prejudices on the issue.

“We feel obliged to refrain from judging people by their celebrity levels and being a partner in their crimes by saying ‘we know him, he wouldn’t do such a thing’.


“The fact that a man is admired in the society and culture and arts environment doesn’t guarantee that he will not inflict violence.”

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