Orphan Teen Forced To Have Sex With Six Men Every Day

Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN

Multiple members of the same family have been arrested for forcing a teenage orphan to have sex with up to six men a day and beating her when she refused.

According to local media, members of the Nikolic family have been arrested for human trafficking and prostitution offences involving a 19-year-old girl they befriended in the neighbourhood of Mirijevo in the northern Serbian capital Belgrade.

Reports said that the family’s matriarch, identified as 44-year-old Jasmina Nikolic, acted as the ‘madame’ and managed the alleged prostitution part of the criminal enterprise. She is also considered to be the brains of the organisation.

Meanwhile, family members Goran Nikolic, 50, Bajram Demiri, 46, Kristina N., 24, and Miroljub N., 19, have also been detained for their roles in the alleged criminal activities.

According to local media, the family befriended the 19-year-old victim, who was raised an orphan, and promised her a safe home.

However, they soon told her that she had to have sex with six clients every day and she was beaten if she refused, according to reports.

Meanwhile, three other family members have been arrested in a separate case concerning the prostitution of a minor in 2015.

Reports named Goran’s 42-year-old brother Zoran Nikolic and two other unnamed relatives in connection with the alleged crime.

They reportedly offered her a home, food and drugs in return for her ‘services’.

According to local media, the Nikolic family is also known for their extravagant lifestyle and unusual posts on social networks.

One photo of a child holding a knife next to a slaughtered sheep was widely shared by netizens on social media.

A neighbour told reporters: “Ever since they moved in here, they have made a complete mess. They party until 4am with loud music and nobody can sleep.

“As for the constant lights beaming from their house… the neighbourhood has gone to pot.”

Following a court hearing, the suspects have been placed in custody for three months, according to local media.