Woman Wakes Up At 4am With 10ft Python Around Her Neck

Story ByLee BullenSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@fawzia.amirfawzy

A young woman woke up at 4am to find a 10-foot python around her neck and she says that as her “eyes adjusted to the dark I saw the snake’s head and felt its tongue”.

The 18-year-old woman, identified as Nor Alia Aqilla Jamaluddin, suffered the fright at home in the city of Kuala Terengganu in the western Malaysian state of Terengganu.

According to Jamaluddin, she first felt something at around 3am but did not see anything and went back to sleep.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@fawzia.amirfawzy & AsiaWire

However, she felt something again at around 4am and was stunned to find a python around her neck.

She said: “I felt something soft around my neck and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw the snake’s head and felt its tongue on my neck.

“I quickly got up and walked over to switch on the light and was shocked to discover a 10-foot-long python curled up on my bed.”

Incredibly, Jamaluddin lives in a 14th-floor flat and it is unknown how the python arrived there without being seen.

According to local media, the whole family left the flat in the middle of the night to wait for the emergency services to arrive.

A four-man team reportedly arrived at 5.30am and found the reptile under the woman’s bed.

Reports said that the snake weighed 26 kilogrammes (57 lbs) and measured 10 feet in length.