Woman Survives 3-Storey Shopping Centre Fall

Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

                                                       Video Credit: Asia Wire

A woman has survived plunging into a shopping centre atrium after climbing over railings and falling three storeys.

The unnamed woman, who was incredibly still able to move after the incident, fell from the fourth floor – a height of three floors in the UK – at the Xintiandi shopping complex.

Witnesses said the shopping centre in Fujin City in north-eastern China’s Heilongjiang Province was crowded at the time of the woman’s plunge at 2:23pm on 21st November.

She narrowly missed a mother and her daughter walking below, witnesses noted.

The shopper wearing a pink down jacket can be seen lingering around the railings one floor above, appearing to be inspecting the atrium, CCTV footage shows.

She descended the escalators to the floor below 11 minutes later and climbed onto the railings, flipping her body over the balustrade.

The video shows her falling over the edge and hitting her head on the marble floor on the way down.

Shoppers have shared footage showing the woman lying injured on the ground floor, right in the middle of the atrium.

                                                                        Picture Credits: Asia Wire

She left a large dent in the atrium floor but was still able to move her arms and head when rescuers lifted her away on a stretcher.

The incident is still being investigated, with authorities so far not commenting on whether the fall was part of a suicide attempt.

She is still receiving treatment in hospital, according to reports.