Cruel Teacher Thrashes Nursery School Pupils With Stick

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a nursery school teacher in front of a blackboard repeatedly thrashing her young pupils with a stick when they get the answers wrong.

The video is believed to have been filmed by a witness on 15th March as the unnamed teacher was disciplining two boys and a girl at the Jinmuzhi – or ‘Golden Thumb’ – nursery school.

In the video from Huangshi’s Huangshigang District in Central China’s Hubei Province, the teacher with a stick in her hand can be seen standing in front of a blackboard while a boy attempts to read out characters written on it.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

When he apparently pronounces a word wrong, the teacher loses her temper and begins striking him with the stick.

The boy can be seen flinching and trying to dodge his teacher’s blows as she screams at him for the mistake.

She is also seen hitting another pupil for making a similar mistake during the extra lesson outdoors.

After the video began circulating on social media, the city’s education bureau began investigating and said it had ordered the dismissal of the teacher.

She has since been sacked, but it is unclear whether there will be further legal proceedings against her from the parents.

Huangshi education officials said the school would also be punished for the misconduct.

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