Woman Spends Hours In Coffin During Fake Funeral As Loved Ones Pretend To Mourn

This is the bizarre moment a woman – desperate to know what her funeral would be like – lies in a coffin as loved ones ‘mourn’ her fake death.

Mayra Alonzo, 59, organised her own funeral rehearsal in the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic at the end of April.

Alonzo arrived at the funeral in a hearse while dressed in white and lying in a coffin she rented for the day.


Her friends and family then took turns to say their teary ‘final goodbyes’ with some doing a better job of fake crying than others.

The news site Listin Diario said the party cost USD 1,000 (GBP 710) and Alonzo spent several hours in the coffin while guests enjoyed food, drinks and exchanged stories about their loved one.

Alonzo described the event as a “dream come true” and thanked her friends, family and neighbours who helped to organise the fake funeral.


According to Listin Diario, Alonzo warned loved ones not to die anytime soon as being inside the coffin was a very unpleasant experience.