Woman Shocked After Gynaecologist Licked Her Vagina

Story By: Ernest Bio BogoreSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A French woman has spoken of her shock after realising that her gynaecologist had allegedly started licking her vagina during an intimate examination.

The woman, identified only as Angelique, decided to speak out now after making a complaint about the matter in 2014 and complaining that nothing had happened.

She said that the doctor was still working although no longer as a gynaecologist, and urged authorities to finally take action over her complaint. She said there was a real risk that the man might strike again unless authorities finally dealt with her complaint.


She said that the doctor, who was not named, had been her gynaecologist when she was pregnant twice, and she had been happy about continuing with him afterwards as she had not noticed any problems.

But on the day of the alleged assault on 10th November 10, 2014, she said the man had set the examination chair up so that she had to lie backwards in a way where she could not see what he was doing when he examined her. She said: “I asked him if this was new, but he said he always put the seat like that.”

She said she had not thought anything more of it, as she “trusted him blindly”, but as she was lying there, she was shocked into immobility when she allegedly felt his breath near her private parts, and a short while later she allegedly felt his tongue.

She said: “I told myself, I am dreaming, He’s not doing that. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, I started feeling very bad. I felt his tongue a second time, then a third time.”

She was unable to move and unable to speak. She added: “I told myself that I have to do something but I wondered what I could say. What came to my mind is to say that I have cramps.”

But despite her request to move the doctor did not stop. She said: “He continued anyway, I ended up telling him that it really has to stop because I wanted to pee.”

She said that she was so shocked by what had happened that she had been unable to return to Arras where the gynaecologist had his surgery, which is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France.

She added: “I had to let a lot of things go and yes it was hard. I left a job and colleagues I loved, a great boss, my permanent contract because I was unable to set foot in Arras again.”

She said psychologically she simply could not return, saying: “When I tried to come back, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, I couldn’t drive anymore.”

A few days after her alleged assault, Angelique filed a complaint.

She said: “At first, I didn’t want to file a complaint.”

But she said the thought of how she would feel if her daughter were treated by him as well had inspired her to make the complaint to ensure it never happened to anyone else.

In 2015, the gynaecologist was indicted for “rape by a person abusing the authority conferred by his duties” and “sexual assault”. He was placed under judicial supervision and was prohibited from practising as a gynaecologist.

The doctor however rejects the allegations, saying that she misunderstood what he was doing which was a “scientific” procedure. He also continues to practice as an endocrinologist in the same office in Arras.

As a result of the delays however, her lawyer has now demanded all the paperwork be handed over so that they can review and take action to force the investigation to its conclusion.

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