Woman Nabbed For Flashing Boobs And Bringing Self To Climax During Prison Visit

A woman has been arrested for reportedly flashing her boobs at her inmate boyfriend during a prison visit, and bringing herself to a climax.

The alleged exposure took place at Charlotte County Jail in the US state of Florida when Danielle Ferrero, 38, took part in a ‘video visit’ with her 25-year-old boyfriend Cody Thomas.

After entering one of the prison visitation centre’s ‘camera stations’, Ferrero, dressed in a “naughty” outfit, reportedly exposed herself several times during the one-hour video chat.


The police said in their report: “During their visit, they regularly chatted in an obscene manner, speaking of sex, sexual organs, and sexual acts.”

The police added that Ferrero “incessantly flaunted and stroked her breasts” and showed off her “revealing clothing”, even calling her outfit “naughty”.

Prison staff listening to the video chat eventually put an end to the visit, however, not before the woman allegedly showed her breasts numerous times and even brought herself to climax.

The police said she rocked back and forth in her seat “as a form of masturbation”.

Danielle Ferrero, 38, is accused of masturbating and exposing her breasts to an inmate during a video visitation call in Florida, USA. (Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

She reportedly flashed her boobs again near the end of the couple’s conversation, just before prison staff interrupted the call.

As the prison camera station is considered a public setting, a warrant was later issued for Ferrero’s arrest for exposing her sexual organs in a public place.

The police arrived at her home on 11th August and she was quoted as telling officers: “I can’t believe flashing Cody my boobs would get me arrested.”

She was released on bond on 13th August and is expected to appear in court on 1st September. She also faces a charge of violating her probation.

The prisoner, Cody Thomas with who the suspect Danielle had dirty talk during a video visitation call in Florida, USA. (Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

In Florida, prison visitors must fill out an application in advance and approval takes less than 30 days.

Skin-tight and transparent clothing is banned under the visitation dress code along with any other garments that show “excessive skin”.

Some US prisons used to let inmates enjoy ‘conjugal visits’ with their lovers that included sexual contact, however, such visits are reportedly becoming increasingly rare in many states.