Woman Left Missing Two Teeth After Biting Into Home Made Toffee Apple In China

These images show how a woman was apparently left missing two teeth after biting into a home-made toffee apple in China.

The incident took place in the city of Qitaihe, which is located in Heilongjiang province in northern China, on 20th December.

The woman, who has not been named, had had fillings in the two teeth a couple of months ago, according to her husband, also unnamed, and this may have caused them to be weaker than her other teeth.

Woman loses two teeth after biting candied haws in Qitaihe, China. (KTM2222/AsiaWire)

The footage shows a stick with the home-made, glistening, red toffee apples skewered on it and at the very end, one of the apples appears to have two teeth embedded in it.

A young woman then turns around, giggling but visibly embarrassed, and reveals a gap in her mouth where her two teeth should be. She can be seen trying to cover her mouth with her hand.

The footage quickly made the rounds on Chinese social media, with the husband saying that his wife had eaten ribs before and nothing had happened, but with the candied apples, which he said were were home-made, the teeth had become immediately stuck and snapped off.

Woman loses two teeth after biting candied haws in Qitaihe, China. (KTM2222/AsiaWire)

Some netizens joked that they would like to purchase the same candied apples so that they can extract their own teeth and avoid a trip to the dentist’s.

It is currently unclear if the woman has been to a dentist to have her teeth repaired. The ingredients that made up the candied apples are also unknown.