Wolverine The Python Found Chilling On Shelf In Walmart Store

Meet Wolverine the python who stunned shoppers at an Indiana Walmart store when he was found “chillin” on a shelf.

The snake was captured at a Walmart store in the city of Bloomington in Monroe County in the US state of Indiana earlier this week.

The python was handed over to carers at the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control who duly named him Wolverine.

The python that the shoppers find on the shelves in Bloomington Walmart in Indiana, USA. (@COBAnimalShelter/Newsflash)

The animal control centre said it is unclear how the snake ended up in the Walmart store, but have yet to get any answers as “Wolverine isn’t talking!”

The centre added that they are close to finding a forever home for Wolverine after his story hit the news.

City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control said on 19th April: “Happy Tuesssssssday. Meet our little friend, Wolverine. This young python was found at our local Walmart chillin’ on a shelf.

“It’s unclear how he got there, but it was a good thing a Good Samaritan saw him and got him to safety at the shelter.

“He is officially off his stray hold and he’s in the market for a forever home! He would do best with an experienced snake owner.

“He’s a bit stressed and slightly spicy. He is growing used to the thought of being handled and will likely be able to relax more in a calmer environment.”

The Walmart where the shoppers find python on the shelves in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

In an update later the same day, the control centre said: “He now has MANY potential adopters and because of this, he is no longer listed as available on our website.

“We realize snakes can be quite alarming for some and we can imagine finding one in a public space may cause discomfort.

“We would love to know how our little pal ended up in Walmart, but Wolverine isn’t talking!

“We believe all living creatures, even those we do not understand or those that may cause fear, deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

“We believe, Wolverine, will make a wonderful companion to the right family and we also believe he very much deserves that option.

“Thank you to everyone who shared his bizarre adventure and we are sure his next chapter is just around the corner!”