Wolf Pack In Brutal Attack On Pet Dogs In Russian Snow

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/ArhSvoboda

This is the moment a pack of wolves savagely attack a pair of domestic dogs guarding a house in a snowy Russian village.

The shocking incident was recorded on a surveillance camera and shows two domestic dogs checking the area around the house the dogs live in the village of Nyonoksa in north-western Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast region.

A pack of wolves then comes into shot and they initially have a stand-off with the domestic dogs before launching their attack.

Picture Credit: CEN/ArhSvoboda

The wolves run at the smaller dogs in a pack and overpower the smaller pooches, killing the domesticated animals.

The pack then appear to feed on the dogs, dragging one of the pooches’ bodies through the snow.

Local residents claim that at least 15 dogs have been eaten by the hungry pack of wolves so far this year.

They claim that two packs of wolves, one of six and one four, are in the area along with one ‘lone’ wolf.

The owner of the two dogs was reportedly feeding cattle at the time of the incident.

After noticing the blood on the ground, he checked the surveillance camera and found out what had happened.

Netizen ‘Bake’ said: “The second dog did not let the other one die alone. It came back to help. This should serve as an example for many people.”

And ‘Nolimits’ added: “Powers were uneven from the very beginning if they were fighting two on two, the wolves would still have prevailed.”

While ‘Angel’ added: “Now hunters have to find those wolves, otherwise it’ll be impossible to live there. There are also children living in that village.”

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