3 Fired For Vid Of Man That Fed Womens Hearts To Dogs

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

Two cops and a prosecutor have been fired for leaking a video of the interrogation of the suspected serial killer who admitted feeding his victims’ hearts to dogs and who when he was caught was pushing a pram full of human remains.

The video of the interrogation of the alleged serial killer, dubbed the ‘Monster of Ecatepec’ after the area of the Mexican capital Mexico City where he lived, was leaked on social media on 9th October.

Alejandro Jaime Gomez Sanchez, the General Prosecutor of the state, said the two police officers and the prosecutor had been fired and an Internal Affairs investigation had been launched into their alleged leaking of the video.

Sanchez said: “They are three workmates, two police officers and an officer of the public ministry. The investigation is still ongoing for a possible case of abuse of authority which they could be charged with.”

He confirmed the three suspects have not been sent to preventive prison and so will remain free as the investigation is ongoing.

Picture Credits: CEN

The video of the alleged serial killer, named as Juan Carlos in reports, shows him answering a doctor’s questions after being arrested.

In the clip, the suspect says: “I call your f*cking mother and she gives me her heart. The officers found hearts. And I prefer that my little dogs eat meat from all those women than they (the women) keep on breathing my oxygen.”

The suspect goes on: “I prefer women a thousand times more for my little dogs or for the rats that they are walking around.”

When the doctor asks Juan Carlos if that was his “mission” in life, the suspect says: “I do not know if I am going to get out of this, but if I am freed, I am telling you cops now that I am going to keep killing women.”

The doctor asks for the motives behind the killings, and Juan Carlos answers: “First, because sometimes they (women) do not let me sleep. Second, because of the hate I have for them. And third, because I still have a need.”

Picture Credits: CEN

The suspect has allegedly confessed to killing 20 women but could only give details such as the names and description of the victims in ten cases.

Picture Credits: CEN

The investigations into the serial killer and the three officers suspected of leaking the video are ongoing.