White English-Speaking Tourists Attack Mexico Journalist

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Newsflash/Dolariz Terron via Paralelo Informativo

This is the moment a pair of white English-speaking tourists grab a journalist’s camera while telling her to “f*ck off” before calling her a “stupid b*tch” as she films them on a Mexican beach.

The shocking scenes were recorded by journalist Doraliz Terron on the Los Muertos Beach in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta in the western Mexican state of Jalisco as she recorded people sitting on the sand despite the area officially being closed during the coronavirus lockdown.

In the video, Terron can be seen filming the beachgoers when one man put his finger up at the camera. He then walks towards the reporters and speaking in an American accent says “f*ck off, go away”.

He then says “nobody wants you filming us” but when the reporter replies “I don’t care” the man appears to grab her camera.

The woman manages to wrestle it back but he then tells to “f*ck off, go, we don’t want you here”.

He then tells her he “doesn’t care” if she is a reporter and claims she needs their permission to record her.

Another man speaking in an American accent asks how much the reporter is going to pay them and she responds that she will report them to the authorities.

The second man then shows his fist to the woman and says “get lost, report all you want, stupid b*tch”.

After walking away the reporter says “these are the tourists who come to Puerto Vallarta, without the least bit of respect and who don’t understand there is a contingency for coronavirus”.

She said that even though restaurants are allowed to stay open they are not allowed to use the tables and chairs on the beach as it is considered a recreational activity.

Speaking to Newsflash, Terron said the tourists had not been detained and said “in fact the community of foreigners started writing to me giving me their names, which I didn’t know”.

She added: “I went to the prosecutors yesterday to ratify my complaint. My wrist is inflamed.”

She added on social media that “the man attacked me physically, he tried to take my phone off me, he yanked me. There are no authorities who are going to do anything, they won’t even present it to the local police so that I can make my statement.

“It’ll stay as it is, like nothing happened and as he is a foreigner in one or two days he will leave and there’s no problem that he attacked me.”

The video was widely shared on social media and reached United States Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau who said on social media: “How shameful! I don’t know if it was an American or Canadian citizen but the truth is that all countries have rude and vulgar people.

“My apologies if they are from my country. We aren’t all like that. I have urged all American tourists to go home. Who thinks of holidaymaking during a pandemic?”

It is unclear if an investigation has been launched.

According to the latest statistics from the Johns Hopkins University Mexico has suffered 2,785 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 141 deaths and 633 recovered.

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