VOLCANO EXPLOSIONS ALERT: Alarm As Erupting Volcano Shoots Hot Rocks Out Of Crater In Hundreds Of Explosions

The authorities in El Salvador have issued an alert over a volcano that started to erupt, with hundreds of explosions shaking locals in the area and hot rocks being blasted out of the crater.

The footage shows the large volcano spewing a large cloud of black smoke into the sky.

The eruption is taking place at the El Chaparrastique volcano in the central-eastern El Salvador Department of San Miguel, with local media reporting the hot rocks were blasted out of the crater on Sunday, thankfully causing no injuries.

The Environment Observatory reported that there have been explosions in the central crater of the volcano, which lies some 135 kilometres (84 miles) east of the city of San Miguel, which is the capital of the department.

Fermin Perez, the deputy director of Civil Protection, said in a press conference on Monday, 28th November: “We ask the population to abide by the recommendations and find out from the official media.”

The Minister of the Environment of El Salvador, Fernando Lopez, also said in a statement on 22nd November that “101 intermittent explosions have been registered in the San Miguel volcano, these have been accompanied by gases, ashes and abundant water vapour, this activity is attributed to rock contact processes at high temperatures and water inside the volcano, better known as phreatic activity.”

He added that this is expected to continue, at least over the next few days.

On 28th November, the Ministry of the Environment said that the volcano had now “emitted 187 explosions.”

They said that they were “constantly monitoring” the volcano’s activity.