Angry Mob Attacks Couple Who Took Snaps Of Children

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Video Credit: CEN/Reportajes Y Accidentes

This is the moment police had to step in to rescue a couple from an angry mob after they were accused of photographing children outside a primary school.

The incident took place in front of the Sostenes Nicolas Chapa Nieto Primary School in the borough of Tlalpan in the central Mexican capital Mexico City when the 29-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man were allegedly seen snapping school kids.

According to local media, the couple was beaten by angry parents and local residents who justified their actions by claiming that the pair had been in the area photographing primary school students previously as well.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Reportajes Y Accidentes

Video footage shows the angry mob surrounding the couple as police try to intervene and move them away from the crowd. 

At one point, the female is seen being escorted by police officers and falling to the ground as they run to escape the baying crowd.

Video Credit: CEN

The mob insisted that it was clear the couple intended to kidnap a minor and even had a pushchair with them, and they said that the couple had also used other guys to get near to kids such pretending to donate clothing for the children.

Police said that the two were being investigated and did not reveal whether they suffered any injuries during the attack. 

Video Credit: CEN

Many condemned the lynch mob carrying out summary justice such as netizen ‘Jose Picazo’ who commented: “They haven’t been found guilty yet. It appears as though it is dangerous to take out a phone close to a school these days?”

But others praise the mob such as ‘Samuel Chemestry Loading’ who added: “Bravo for the residents!”

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