Viral: Mysterious Kissing Clouds Drive Netizens Wild

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These viral pictures liked nearly 200,000 times in just two days show two clouds that netizens have speculated look like two women in a passionate embrace.

The unusual phenomenon dubbed the ‘Kissing Clouds’ was taken by a resident of the city of Pu’er in south-western China’s Yunnan Province on 4th October.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Wanxiong Wuer

Social media user ‘Qiangguo Xiaoxiaobing’ posted the images on Weibo – China’s Twitter equivalent – a day later, and they have already attracted tens of thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes.

The pictures appear to show the heads of two human-like figures locking lips, their noses touching and their eyes closed.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Wanxiong Wuer

The snaps quickly became a trending topic on Weibo, appearing in seventh place on the most searched topics list with over half a million hits.

Creative Weibo users have also added their own touches to the images, sketching imaginary faces and hair over the clothes to illustrate the kissing clouds.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Wanxiong Wuer

Qiangguo Xiaoxiaobing wrote: “I didn’t know people liked clouds so much!”

The cloud lover, whose social media profile is full of different pictures of climatological phenomenon, has also had to denied allegations that he photoshopped the kissing clouds.

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