Viral: Mad Millionaire DJ Parties With Bikini Babes

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

This is the moment two bikini-clad beauties tan their pert bums as madcap millionaire DJ Gianluca Vacchi boogies in front of them on the beach.

In the clip, shared on Instagram for Vacchi’s 12.3 million army of followers, the 51-year-old multimillionaire is seen dancing to ‘Cristina’ by Maffio, Justin Quiles, Nacho featuring Shelow Shaq.

In the viral footage, which has already been viewed nearly 5 million times in the first 24 hours, the Italian influencer is seen dancing next to his Venezuelan model girlfriend Sharon Fonseca and her hot pal Diletta Simon.

Picture Credits: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

The clip starts with Vacchi caressing his girlfriend’s pert bum as she lies on a sunbed on the beach.

As ‘Cristina’ plays, the professional DJ jumps to his feet and shows off his trademark dance moves as the two accompanying stunners pay him no mind.

However, after a pause in the song, the bikini-clad beauties start waggling their bums to the Latin rhythms and Vacchi jumps between them on the sunbeds to join in.

Video Credit: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

The video ends with the Instagram influencer kissing his girlfriend’s inviting backside.

Earlier this year, nearly six million people watched a clip of Vacchi feeding his pet hippo at breakfast time.

According to local media, the multimillionaire filmed the scene at his plush estate in the northern Italian city of Bologna where pet hippopotamus Pippo roams the grounds.

In the footage, Vacchi is seen taking to the hippo through the window and asking: “You are still hungry huh? You want to still have breakfast?”

Vacchi then ventures outside with two juicy red apples which he drops into the hippo’s gaping mouth.

Netizen ‘AnaInstaPty’ said: “Return it to its natural habitat instead of being part of your eccentric lifestyle. If you want to help, set up or support a foundation for the preservation of the species!”

‘Tanyapuncuh’ added: “Seriously, you are sick! A hippo in Bologna? What crazy lengths you go to.”