Viral: Tequila Shot Fail As Girl Downs Salt By Mistake

Story ByJoseph GolderSub Editor: Michael Leidig, AgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@cande_lc

This hilarious viral fail video shows a girl trying to down a tequila shot after licking salt off her hand, forgetting she had the salt glass in her hand instead of her own drink and leaving her spitting salt onto the bar.

The incident took place in Argentina when the young woman, identified as Antonella, was filmed with her friend Candela doing shots on a night out. But she forgot to put down the salt glass and pick up her tequila glass after sprinkling it on her hand.

They posted this hilarious fail video online with the caption “Check out how my friend confused the glass of tequila WITH THE SALT GLASS” that has gone viral with over 330,000 likes on Twitter and 87,000 retweets.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@cande_l

The footage shows Antonella licking salt off her left hand as her friend does the same, but as the latter dutifully downs the tequila shot, Antonella downs a glass full of what turned out to be salt. After realising what she had done she spat the glassful of salt onto the bar counter as her friend bites into a lemon while giving her a look of utter incredulity.

A second video shows the pair having another go and this time they get it right, both downing their shot before chomping down on a slice of lemon, visibly wincing slightly as the booze hits them. The second video is also doing well with nearly 100,000 views on Twitter.

The pair did not say where in Argentina the incident took place.

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