Turkish Goldsmith Follows In Gold Steak Chef Salt Baes Footsteps By Making Drinkable Gold Water

An ‘alchemist’ who has turned gold into a liquid drink of the kings that can purportedly strengthen the immune system is now selling it like his gold-steak-making countryman Salt Bae.

Turkish celebrity chef Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gokce) first hit headlines back in 2018 for his 24-carat-gold-covered steak, coveted by top-flight footballers.

And now his compatriot Ekrem Filiz has apparently gone one step further by making drinkable gold water that is fit for a king – and which he claims brings real health benefits as well.

Ekrem Filiz, gold producer from Bursa in Turkey, started creating drinkable gold water. (Newsflash)

Filiz works in the Bursa Grand Bazaar, known for its jewellery and gold shops, in the north-western Turkish city of the same name.

He says he has learnt the formula to make gold drinkable and has succeeded in producing gold water.

Filiz says gold water can strengthen immunity, and he flogs it for TRY 350 (GBP 19) per litre.

Ekrem Filiz, gold producer from Bursa in Turkey, started creating drinkable gold water. (Newsflash)

He also produces and sells silver water and iron water, which earn him TRY 70 (GBP 4) per litre and TRY 50 (GBP 3) per litre respectively.

Filiz was quoted in local media as saying: “We turn metals into liquids through alchemy. Gold contains cyanide. We do this by removing the cyanide from the gold.

“Silver water is the strongest antiseptic in the world. Gold is the strongest conductor in the world. There is electricity in the human body. By providing this electrical flow, gold enables the brain to perceive problems in the body in the fastest way, and enables the body to repair by activating it.

Ekrem Filiz, gold producer from Bursa in Turkey, started making drinkable gold water. (Newsflash)

“We grind pure gold into powder. This is known as manna powder, an elixir used by kings throughout history. It has mind-opening properties. Gold water is very effective in cases such as forgetfulness, lack of attention, focusing problems. This powder is obtained from 24-carat pure gold. Then this powder dissolves in water like sugar dissolves and is consumed by drinking.

“We turn pure gold into drinkable powder. We do this by alchemy. People are drinking gold. Our desire is for people to be healed, not everyone knows about this product. Those who see it are amazed.”