TRUCK THAT: Lorry Unloading Gravel From Barge Tumbles Into Water As Ramp Collapses

This is the moment a huge gravel truck doubles into a river while attempting to use a ramp from a barge.

The vessel had drawn up near the city of Santarem, which is in the western part of the Brazilian state of Para.

The massive vessel has been used to bring a large supply of gravel across the Tapajos River and in the early stage of the footage, can be seen being loaded up by a huge bulldozer.

It then drives across the barge towards the ramp, but as the front wheels cross onto the ramp, it slips and then as the weight of the truck comes forward, the entire vehicle crashes down into the water below.

The entire contents of the lorry then toppled down on the which has been twisted out of shape by the weight of the lorry behind it in the incident which happened on 17th December.

A truck with gravel falls from ferry at port in Santarem, Brazil, on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022. The ramp broke from the weight of the truck, it is not known whether the driver of the vehicle was injured. T (Newsflash)

Scared seagulls can be seen taking off as a cloud of dust from the gravel rises into the air before the video ends.

There were no reports on the driver’s condition as the tonnes of gravel rained down on top of him.