Trial Begins Today Against Man Who Beat Pretty Muslim Influencer Woman With A Bible

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A man who beat this pretty Muslim influencer with a Bible leaving her with a black eye and a bruised head while telling her to get a new faith has gone on trial.

The young woman, whose real name is Zara Todil, but who appears online under the name Zara Secret, is based in the German city of Frankfurt where she was allegedly attacked because of her faith and her Turkish roots by the man on 7th February 2020.

The attack happened while she was taking the train from the city of Giessen in Germany to her hometown and was listening to music as she looked out of the window.

Influencer Zara Todil, also known as Zara Secret after she was attacked with a Bible on a train in Germany. Private photo. (Zara Todil/Newsflash)

She said while she was doing that, she was approached by a 53-year-old man who was not named was carrying a Bible.

The 26-year-old woman said: “The next thing I knew, I felt a blow.”

She said the man was shouting at her that she had to “read the bible” and called her a “Muslim whore”, and that the attack left her with a black eye and even then didn’t stop as he hit her several more times with the Bible on her head.

German influencer Zara Secret, posing topless on Instagram. (@zara_secret/Newsflash)

The violent attack only ended when other train passengers and security staff intervened, and afterwards, she was hospitalised where she was treated for injuries.

The 53-year-old man was arrested after the hostile attack, but then later released.

Zara, who was upset by the ordeal and filed a complaint, was also angry that authorities failed to keep her up-to-date with what’s happening over the investigation, including the fact that the man had been released back into the public without letting her know whether he was dangerous or anything else.

The 25-year old Zara Todil. (@zara_secret/Newsflash)

She said at the time: “The incident happened almost three months ago and I haven’t heard anything yet. I handed in my hospital report, there were camera recordings, there were witnesses, the guy was also caught. I just can’t see what’s going to happen now.”

However, one and a half years after the attack the influencer has now revealed on her Instagram profile that the trial against the 53-year-old man will finally begin today (Thursday 17th June 2021).

Zara also posted an Instagram story that included images of the bruised eye that she received after the attack.

German influencer posing for Christmas on Instagram. (@zara_secret/Newsflash)

She also wrote: “Folks! My court date for this case is finally scheduled for Thursday!”

The influencer gave out no further details about on-going trial.