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Tragic Teen Electrocuted While Using Hair Straighteners

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A 17-year-old girl has died after being electrocuted whilst using her hair straighteners at home.

Melanie Anaya was electrocuted at her house if the city of San Rafael, in the western Argentina province of Mendoza, when she was using her hair straighteners.

According to police sources, the teenage girl was using the hair straighteners, the brand of which has not been mentioned, and was electrocuted, alerting her relatives.

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They could not wake the teenager up so they decided to take her to the Schestakowby Hospital by car.

Once there, the doctors could only confirm the 17-year-old had died, with the hospital authorities confirming she died from electrocution.

The authorities have launched an investigation into her death and have seized the straighteners involved in the accident.

The investigation is ongoing.

Martin Carrizo, a stylist from Hair Carrizo said that “hair straighteners are, in general, very safe” and added: “What can happen is that sometimes the wire starts to twist with the movement and this can cause internal movement in the cable which can generate a short circuit.

“Sometimes they are not well covered and are left without protection. We should care for them very well.”

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