TORTURED TO DEATH: Girl Tells How Sister Was Beaten And Burned By Mum’s Lover

A girl has revealed how her 12-year-old big sister was beaten and tortured to death by her mother and her boyfriend after he accused her of stealing a mobile phone.

The victim – named only as Jannah – was allegedly burned with a red hot spoon, cigarettes and beaten with a wooden club in her home in the El Matareya district in Greater Cairo, Egypt, it has emerged.

Jannah poses in an undated photo. She was allegedly killed by her mother’s lover in El Matareya, Cairo, Egypt. (Newsflash)

Her younger sister – named only as Doaa – is quoted in local media as saying: “My mother and uncle Tarik beat and killed Jannah. They scalded her with a hot spoon.”

‘Uncle Tarik’ is the girls’ unnamed 30-year-old widowed mother’s boyfriend and regularly subjected both girls to cruel beatings, according to Doaa.

The deadly torture began after the sisters’ mother lost her mobile phone and Tarik accused Jannah of taking it and reportedly threatened to kill her.

Then the little girl also said that she and her sister were severely beaten on a daily basis, adding that once when the two girls were hungry at night, they entered their mother’s room and found her naked in the arms of her lover.

Tarik, last name not reported, allegedly beat the children repeatedly and had sex with their mother in front of them. Doaa reportedly revealed that she had seen her mother naked in her lover’s arms.

She said the pair then proceeded to beat them all night with brooms and a power cord.

Doaa’s testimony matches up with that of the neighbours, who reportedly said that they often heard the young girls’ cries and whenever they tried to intervene, the mum would turn them down and tell them that Tarik was “educating” them.

Jannah was allegedly strangled with a bedsheet before being burned with a spoon and cigarettes and then beaten with a piece of wood in front of her sister.

josDoaa, the little sister of Jannah, poses in an undated photo. Jannah was allegedly killed by her mother’s lover in El Matareya, Cairo, Egypt. (Newsflash)

Doaa told investigators: “Mama and Uncle Tarik beat Jannah and killed her. He hit her on her face and with a plank on her brain.

“And her leg, and he stung her with a spoon, and he burned her with a cigarette.”

It is currently unclear when exactly the events took place, but the scandal has erupted in Egyptian local media this week.

Both the mother and the lover have been accused by the El Matareya Police Department of murdering Jannah.

The mother has reportedly defended her lover, saying that she did not know how to raise her children after their father died and that Tarik was simply educating them.

Both the mother and Tarik have been detained and charged with murder. Doaa has been placed in the care of her real uncle.