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Tied-Up Loan Shark Found Dead In Abandoned House

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A loan shark has been found dead with his limbs tied in an abandoned house next to a freezer that was reportedly used to move the body.

The body of Daniel Marcelo Bogado was reportedly found in an abandoned house in the city of Corrientes in the province with the same name in central Chile.

According to local media, the money lender was reported as missing on 16th October when he failed to collect his children from an activity.

Picture Credit:CEN

Reports said a resident who passed by the abandoned house noticed a sickening smell and called the police.

According to police head Corriente Felix Barboza, the owner of the abandoned house, 29-year-old Sergio Oscar Vallejos, and his alleged accomplice Raul Alejandro Garcia have been arrested for the homicide.

A hire van was found next to the house which is believed to have been used to transport the body, according to the local authorities.

Picture Credit:CEN

Reports said Vallejos hired the vehicle because he needed to transport beef and he put the body in the freezer to take it to the neighbourhood where the abandoned house is.

The car rental worker who reportedly helped Vallejos to carry the freezer told police it was very heavy and he found it strange that the house did not have a power supply.

The police suspect the two men of intending to bury the body in a well next to the house.

The victim reportedly loaned money to people from deprived backgrounds and he used to collect payments from them weekly.

Bogado’s family lawyer Gustavo Briend told local media: “We need to find out if there are other people involved who masterminded the murder.”

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