Thug Jailed For Killing Dad-Of-5 After Early Release

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A thug has been sentenced to 10 years for killing a dad-of-five during a robbery weeks after he was let out of prison on early release after promising to stay out of trouble.

The criminal, identified as 43-year-old Lebanese national Omar Ali-Khan, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a court in the German capital Berlin after being found guilty of predatory robbery leading to death.

He was given an additional preventive detention, which German judges can order if the perpetrator is deemed a risk to the public.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The measure sees criminals remain locked up until experts deem them safe to return to society.

On the day of the crime on 27th September 2018, Ali-Khan should have been in prison as he was serving a sentence for seven offences relating to robbery and drugs, according to reports.

However, the last 530 days of his sentence were reportedly deferred after he promised the authorities he would seek help for his drug addiction and remain on the right side of the law from now on.

Instead, Ali-Khan continued with his crime spree.

The prosecutor said: “When he was released, he did what he has always done. He broke into flats, armed with a screwdriver, knife or other weapon.”

One month after his release, the Lebanese man climbed up scaffolding to a bathroom window and broke into the flat of father-of-five Detlef L.

The prosecutor said: “There he encountered Detlef L., who stood in his way and was not intimidated.

“He reached for a baseball bat and the accused stabbed him quickly and violently in the left forearm, severing the ulnar artery.”

Ali-Khan fled with the 54-year-old victim’s wallet and Detlef L. was taken to hospital where he died one day later from kidney failure caused by the severed artery and other stab wounds.

The presiding judge said that he “could not recognise” any remorse in the defendant, adding: “He has a tendency for crime and returns to it at an ever-increasing rate. He has not changed in 25 years.”

Ali-Khan is not the only criminal figure in his large Lebanese family.

In 2003, his brother Yassin, 48, was sentenced to life for the murder of police officer Roland Krueger.

A parole court issued his release in 2018 and Yassin left Germany voluntarily, although he has the right to return in the future if he wants.

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