Three Russian Hijackers Charged With Robbery After Attacking A Pensioner

Russian authorities detained three suspects in a robbery attack on a pensioner.

Employees of the criminal investigation department, with the support of the regional detachment of the special police force, arrested three men at a bus stop in Lipetsk Oblast, Russia.

According to preliminary data, the three masked criminals, armed with a knife, broke into a private house and tied up a 67-year-old woman.

The hijackers openly stole the victim’s gold jewellery, watches and money, causing damage worth 40,000 RUB (400 GBP).

Following the operational search activities, the police managed to track down the alleged attackers who were later detained and identified as local residents and former convicts aged between 34 and 36 years.

All three detainees are charged with Robbery. The investigation is ongoing.