Three Mischievous Ferrets Hunt Robot Fish And Drones Before Snoring In Their Sleep

One of the Calvin’s,26, ferrets, for whom he sets fun games in the US state of Michigan. (@ferretdaddy_/Newsflash)

MICHIGAN, US – An animal lover who owns three ferrets keeps them entertained by setting up different games for them. Ferret owner Calvin, known as ‘Ferret Daddy’ on social media, films his ferrets playing with the games he sets up for them. Calvin told Clipzilla that he works for a financial institution and that when he is away he keeps his ferrets in a cage big enough to keep them comfortable and safe. When he is home his ferrets are out of the cage, free to roam around. Calvin comes up with the most creative ideas to provide his pets with quality playtime. In one video he has set up a fishing pond with robot fish in a small plastic container. Another video shows the ferrets excitedly chasing a drone that is hovering above them. And another video shows one of the ferrets sleeping peacefully while Calvin places a small microphone next to them to reveal the cutest ferret sleeping sounds.