Teen Physics YouTuber Says 5G Is Controlling Our Minds

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This teenage science YouTuber who gives lectures about quantum physics and neuropsychology claims that 5G technology is being used to control our minds.

The videos posted by Christina von Dreien have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, and she gives talks in public that also attract hundreds of followers eager to hear the now 17-year-old speak.

However her latest claims about the new 5G mobile phone technology being able to control the way people think has caused some of her fans to fear she might be damaging her credibility despite the fact that 5G technology already has many opponents.

Pictures Credit: CEN

She has even drawn criticism from the anti-5G lobby who say that her claims, without any science to back them up, are encouraging people to put serious opponents in the same category, damaging legitimate concerns about 5G.

Swiss Social Democrat MP Thomas Hardegger said: “The activities of conspiracy theorists on social media networks make it really easy for people to dump our concerns into a certain corner, which diminishes our very real concerns that there are people sensitive to this technology and this needs to be taken seriously by mobile phone operators.”

He added that as a result they do not want to have anything to do with claims from people like the teenager.

The teenager told fans: “5G is effectively grilling people, it is totally damaging to the health and forces us to turn inwards.”

She added that the rays interfere with our “vibrations” and our “emotional body”, and have the ability to put implant “thoughts” in us.

Many of the comments show widespread approval for her campaign such as one who said “Christina you are a force of nature. Thank you!”, but scientists were also among those that were critical.

Peter Kaelin, President of the Association of Doctors for Environmental Protection, said: “The conspiracy theorists are a small minority that we are not connected with the tool.” He said they wanted to see more investigations into the possible health risks of the new technology which they said had been studied far too little.

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