Teen Cyclists Shocking Injury From Race Barrier Crash

Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

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This is the shocking cut from neck to chest a teenage cyclist has suffered after colliding with a crash barrier during a race.

The startling incident occurred during the Euskadi Amateur Cycling Championship held in the Basque Country in northern Spain as 18-year-old Andoni Azkarate was descending the Gontzegaraine mountain pass between the town of Markina and Muntilibar.

Local media report the teen cyclist ended up off the road and collided with a crash barrier.

Reports state the cyclist’s jersey became caught on the crash barrier, which stopped him from falling down a ravine but caused the damage to his chest.

Picture Credit: Golders/@andoni.azkaratemoreno

The Sporting Director of Azkarate’s Grupo Eulen team David Etxebarria told local newspaper ‘El Periodico’: “Andoni suddenly fell and was stuck to the crash barrier. His chest hit the top of the barrier but luckily the cut was only superficial. His jugular was marked too. A real scare.”

Reports state the 18-year-old lost a lot of blood and was taken to hospital where he was given stitches but he has now reportedly been released.

Etxebarria wrote on social media: It was only a scare, but what a scare. The boy is okay but think about what could have been.”

Etxebarria, 45, is a former professional cyclist who won two stages at the 1999 Tour de France.

Picture Credit: Golders/@andoni.azkaratemoreno

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