Tattoo Artist Transforms Burn Scars Into Body Art

Story By: Basant EssamSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A talented tattoo artist has been using his skills to transform burn scars into beautiful works of art to bring joy and confidence to sufferers.

The Egyptian tattoo artist, Bahgat Fayek Artin, has treated patients with unsightly scars caused by things ranging from burns through to cancer and covers them with tattoos.

He named the project the ‘Bahgat’s joy’ initiative where he said he wants to help people overcome the trauma and psychological impact of severe scars and burn wounds.

Bahgat Artin/Newsflash

He said: “I decided to carry out the campaign after I drew tattoos for some clients with burns, and I saw in their eyes how happy they were to have the scar transformed. The happiness in these cases was my main motivation.”

Bahgat was originally a restoration engineer and sculptor and currently works as a beauty expert and a tattoo artist.

Regarding the number of his clients, he said: “I try to finish one or two tattoos per month, and I find appropriate tattoos for the shape and size of the wound, so the chosen drawing would match the scar.”

Bahgat Artin/Newsflash

According to Bahgat, the wound must be at least one-year-old for him to be able to work on it. As for those recovering from cancer, enough time must have passed since the last treatment session so the skin has full recovered and can be tattooed safely.

In line with health regulations, Bahgat requires that the clients perform allergy tests to ensure that no infections or complications occur.

The clients are also asked to obtain the approval of their treating physician and attend a medical follow-up after they get the tattoo done.

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