SWAN UPMANSHIP: Hovercraft Rescues Swan Stuck In Frozen Lake

This is the moment a lucky swan trapped in ice is plucked from a frozen lake by a hovercraft.

The bird had been frozen solid in the water in Voorheis Lake, Orion Township, Michigan State, USA.

But when passers-by called the local sheriff’s office, their search and rescue team used their hovercraft to get to the stricken swan.

Video footage of the rescue on 22nd December shows the team first covering the swan’s head with a blanket to keep it calm and stop it from attacking them.

Then they break up the ice so they can pull the bird into the hovercraft.

Local media report that the swan was taken to a local wildlife centre in Oakland County for treatment of a suspected leg injury.

Officers rescue a swan that got stuck to the newly formed ice on a lake in Oakland County, Michigan, USA on Thursday, Dec.22, 2022. The swan was given a lift back to shore and turned over to Oakland County Animal Control to receive treatment for a suspected leg injury. (Oakland County Sheriff/Newsflash)

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 24th December: “We received a lot of interest about our rescue of an injured swan on a partially iced over lake.

“First, no ice is currently safe or predictable. Also, this showed the capability of our rescue team and gives them real world exercise of their rescue skills.

“Be safe.”