SUPER CUTE: Lad Aged Three Auditions For Job As ‘Zoom Zoom Guy’ As He Can’t Say Astronaut

This super cute footage shared by the US Special Operations Command Europe shows a little wannabe astronaut auditioning for the job.

Personal information of the three-year-old was not given, but he can be seen in his spacesuit announcing that he was now a “Zoom Zoom Guy.”

The word astronaut appears to be a little bit more difficult to get to grips with, and when asked to repeat it, mutters ‘Ass’ before the video cuts out.

He was also given some technical questions involving complicated maths, including how old he was – to which he replied three – and then asked to demonstrate how many fingers that were.

With some assistance from the woman, possibly his mum, she managed to get him to lower two of his fingers, leaving him with the appropriate three digits confirming his age.

The video was shared by the US Special Operations Command Europe, which wished the little lad a “Happy Birthday!”

The footage shows the little astronaut auditioning for the job at U.S. Special Operations Command Europe, undated. U.S. Special Operations Command Europe shared this video and wished happy birthdays to the little boy on their Facebook page. (U.S. Special Operations Command Europe/Newsflash)

They said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “You might be the youngest in service of three, but that just means you’re cute and full of potential! #SemperSupra #SOFinEurope.”