Deer Trapped In Flooded Cistern Rescued By Antlers

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

Video Credit: CEN/Club ciclista Huescar 1925

The is the moment a group of amateur cyclists rescue an exhausted deer trapped inside a flooded cistern by pulling it to safety by its antlers.

The incident occurred as the six cyclists, three women and three men, who belong to the Cyclist Club 1925 of Huescar and the Athletics Club of Huescar, were doing a route around the Maitena mountains, in the surroundings of Huescar, in the southern Spanish province of Granada, in the Andalusia region.

The group found the deer trapped in the cistern which was full after a series of storms and it could not escape the water.

Picture Credit: CEN/Club ciclista Huescar 1925

The animal was reportedly exhausted and the cyclists worked with two young people who were in the area to try to free it. The group found a cord in the area and tied it around the animal’s antlers.

In the video, the group can be seen trying to pull the stag from the water by the cord. The animal struggles to climb out of the steep wall of the cistern but the rescuers keep pulling, eventually hauling the animal out of the water.

Three of the rescuers are sent falling to the ground as the deer pushes out of the water and sprints away.

Picture Credit: CEN/Club ciclista Huescar 1925

The animal reportedly had an injury to its mouth but ran away from the area after the rescuers.

The video has been seen over 213,000 times on social media and the rescuers have only been named as Sonia, Rocio, Maria Jose, Blas, Alejandro, Sergio, Enrique and Rafa.

Netizens loved the clip, with ‘Luisa Roman’ said: “An excellent act from our good people.”

While ‘Dani ODos’ commented: “You are great! Saving a life turned you into real heroes.”

Picture Credit: CEN/Club ciclista Huescar 1925

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