Stetson-Wearing Cowboy Clown Jailed For 235 Years

A cowboy clown who burned his two daughters to death and left their mother and grandmother critically injured has been sentenced to 235 years behind bars.

Leonel Agudo Mora known as the clown ‘Pistachon’ poses with a child in undated photo. He sentenced to 235 years for killing his two daughters. In Oaxaca, Mexico. (Newsflash)

Leonel Agudo Mora, who performed as Stetson-wearing clown Pistachon. Had doused the family home in Matias Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico, with petrol and set fire to it, judges heard.

Mora’s daughters aged three and seven perished after they were rescued from the inferno. On 3rd January last year (2023) which he started after a row with his wife, said prosecutors.

Clown Shot In Head Defending Mum And Baby In Restaurant

Older daughter Karina died just hours later in the hospital, while her younger sister died two days later.

Their mother was seriously injured and rushed to hospital while Mora’s mother-in-law was also injured in the blaze.

Mora was arrested inside a hospital in Mexico City, while he was being treated for injuries caused in the fire he had started.

Picture shows Nahomi (left) and Karina (right), undated. They were killed by their father. In Oaxaca, Mexico. (Newsflash)

Judges jailed him for 235 years after finding him guilty of two counts of aggravated femicide and attempted femicide against his wife and her mother.

Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 14th February. “The ministerial work carried out with strict adherence to the gender perspective carried out by the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) made it possible to obtain a conviction that totals 235 years in prison against Leonel AM, alias ‘Pistachon’, responsible for the commission of the crimes of Aggravated Femicide (for having caused the death of two girls, daughters of the person responsible) and Attempted Femicide, events that occurred in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.”

Despite the exemplary sentence local state law means Mora can be ordered to serve a maximum of 105 years behind bars.