Star Shows 2nd-Degree Burns After Skin Laser Treatment

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Popular Spanish actress Carola Baleztena has posted photos of her “swollen, burned and painful” face after undergoing laser treatment to remove sunspots.

The 39-year-old actress shared the images on Instagram with the message: “When you don’t want to have a laser treatment on your face because it scares you, but then you are convinced that it is a non-aggressive treatment.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@carolabaleztena

The blonde actress, who is married to 43-year-old jewellery businessman Emiliano Suarez, said that she was contacted by an agency to take part in a publicity campaign with a cosmetic clinic.

After agreeing to try the laser treatment, also known as laser resurfacing, Baleztena said she was left with second-degree burns to the right side of her face.

She said: “When they started the treatment, the pain was huge. I told them to stop because I could even smell burning, but they encouraged me to take it, saying it would be worth it.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@carolabaleztena

Baleztena claimed she left the clinic “frightened and crying” and that her face was “red, swollen, burned and painful”.

She said the clinic staff told her it was not invasive and that she would not notice anything.

After cancelling some upcoming appearances to stay at home and recover, the actress contacted the clinic and was told that the director was not there so no one could explain the effects of the treatment on her skin.

However, the Grupo AEVO clinic said in a statement that the treatment to remove sunspots was carried out correctly and denied accusations that the actress is suffering from secondary effects of the treatment, adding that what she is experiencing is normal for the initial phase, as explained to her previously.

The company also suggested that further problems could be down to the patient not following their advice, and vowed to take legal action against the actress over the accusations.

It is unclear whether Baleztena is taking legal action of her own.

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