South Korean Who Invited Pretty Young Woman He Met Online For Romantic Trip Locked Her In Holiday Flat And Tortured Her

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

This young woman who thought she was going away for a romantic holiday with her new boyfriend who she met online was locked in a flat and sexually abused and tortured for two months.

South Korean Woosuck Lee, 44, had invited beautiful Kim Yoonje, 22, on a romantic break to Turkey where he had booked an apartment, but once he was there he smashed both of her mobile phones, and destroyed her computer, cutting her off from the outside world in a country where she did not speak the language.

He then recorded his sexual abuse of the woman who was half his age at the property in the district of Umraniye in the north-western Turkish province of Istanbul between February and the end of March this year (2021).

Kim Yoonje, 22, was allegedly tortured by her lover Woosuck Lee, 44, for days in Istanbul, Turkey. (Newsflash)

He used the footage of the sexual abuse to blackmail her, starved her for days at a time, refused to allow her to use the toilet for long periods of time and even stubbed out cigarettes on her body.

But he also abused her in other ways, beating her at one point so seriously using a deodorant that her skull was fractured.

Police also found evidence that cigarettes have been stubbed out on her body however the accused who faces life if convicted claimed that everything that happened to was part of a sexual fantasy that the two shared, and that she had consented to the abuse.

Woosuck Lee, 44, allegedly tortured his lover Kim Yoonje, 22, for days in Istanbul, Turkey. (@woosuck.lee.9/Newsflash )

The Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office that is filed numerous charges against Kim, including torture, blackmail, and repeated sexual assault, said the physical abuse the woman suffered before her death shows that she was repeatedly beaten abused over almost 2 months that she was in the flat.

The prosecutor said: “These systematic actions against the victim, which took place continuously on different dates in this way, are incompatible with human dignity.”

They added: “The victim has suffered and been humiliated physically and spiritually, and such actions constituted the crime of torture when put together as a whole.”

Woosuck Lee, 44, allegedly tortured his lover Kim Yoonje, 22, for days in Istanbul, Turkey. (@woosuck.lee.9/Newsflash )

The suspect is now waiting to face the judge at the Anatolian 15th High Criminal Court, where he could be sentenced to life which will mean he serves at least 47 years in jail.

Information regarding the current health of the woman has not been made public.