Soldiers Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Little Girl Who Lost Her Mum In The Earthquake

This touching footage shows soldiers of the Turkish Armed Forces helping a little girl celebrate her birthday after she lost her mother in the earthquake.

The video shows the little girl named Aysegul being greeted with a plate of sweets by thoughtful soldiers, who even remembered to put a candle on top.

They sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her in Turkish as she happily accepts the treats and blows out the candles.

The footage was obtained by Newsflash from the Turkish Ministry of National Defence, along with a statement that said: “Our soldiers celebrated the birthday of little Aysegul, who lost her mother in the earthquake in Pazarcik district of Kahramanmaras.

Soldier gives a plate full of sweets with a candle on top to little girl named Aysegul to celebrate her birthday in Pazarcik in the Kahramanmaras Province, Turkey, undated. Little Aysegul had lost her mother in the earthquake. (TR Ministry of National Defense/Newsflash)

“We sing ‘Happy birthday Aysegul!’ while wishing our child many happy years and that she will not shed tears again.”

A 7.7 and a 7.6-magnitude earthquakes struck Turkey and was also felt in Syria in the early morning hours of 6th February.

As per the latest update by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, 46,970 have died in the earthquakes, with 41,156 confirmed dead in Turkey and 5,814 that have been killed in Syria.