Soap Opera Star Says He Spent 15 Years With No Sex

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This 45-year-old Mexican soap opera actor says not having had sex for more than 15 years is “a blessing” as it should be shared “only with the person of your life”.

Mexican soap opera actor Eduardo Verasategui, 45, has shared his feelings about spending more than 15 years without having sexual relationships during the launch of his movie ‘Inesperado’ in Mexico.

Picture Credit: CEN/@eduardoverastegui

Verasategui told News TV programme ‘Ventaneando’ broadcast by Mexican TV channel ‘TV Azteca’: “For me, it has been a blessing. An incredible discipline. Many things inside me have awakened. I could write a book about the benefits of it.”

Verasategui added: “To begin with, you have to recognise that sex is something sacred, an incredible present. You have to share it with the most important person in your life. Who will it be in my case? My wife.”

The Mexican actor also defended his decision as he believes chastity is a healthy habit.

Picture Credit: CEN/@eduardoverastegui

The actor said: “They told me chastity was not healthy or that sex is a physical need. It is not. A necessity is sleeping, breathing, but I have never met anyone who died because of sexual abstinence. It is more a natural physical desire.”

The 45-year-old actor became famous after he starred in the Mexican soap opera ‘Sonadoras’ in 1998 and he then moved to Los Angeles in the United States where he took part in different projects.

Verastegui has acted in and also produced films such as ‘Bella’ (2008) and ‘Little Boy’ (2015) as he claims he needed to tell his own stories.

Verastegui said: “I promised my parents I would not work again on a project that offended my faith, my family or my Hispanic community.”

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