Sky Turns Fiery Orange As Massive Wildfire Engulfs Mountain

The astonishing video captures a vast plume of smoke sparking chaos on motorways following a fierce wildfire on a nearby mountain.

Smartphone footage showed the sky turning a fiery orange as a massive wildfire engulfed the area of Yachi, Qixingguan District, in the city of Bijie, in the south-western province of Guizhou on 22nd February.

The clip further showed the raging flames obscuring the visibility of drivers navigating the area, as clouds of smoke billowed into the air.

Media revealed that firefighting units quickly mobilised to extinguish the fire which emerged on 18th February, with many locals joining them to put out the fire.

The fire was reportedly so fierce that the helicopters used to extinguish it were driven away by the thick smoke.

Qixingguan District authorities said in a statement issued on 19th February: “At around 3pm on 18th February, a wildfire broke out in Yinhe Community, Yachi Town, Qixingguan District.

The Mountain wildfires cause a large smoke on a road. In Guizhou, China, undated. The fire broke out in a mountain in Bijie. (AsiaWire)

“After the fire broke out, the city and district levels immediately launched emergency response and organised the forestry crews, public security, firefighting, armed police, and other emergency forces to rush to the scene to put out the fire.”

They continued: “Due to strong winds, the fire spread quickly in the early stage, and the fire field formed two fire lines from east to west and from north to south.

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“At present, isolation belts are being set up to block the spread of the fire. And professional forces are being organised to fight the fire.

“The fire has been controlled and no casualties have been caused yet. The extent of the burnt area is being verified and the cause of the fire is under investigation.”

Chinese media revealed that police have launched a probe to determine the cause of the fire. Efforts to put out the blaze are still underway.

The video prompted many comments after it was shared on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, later that day.

The Mountain wildfires cause a large smoke on a road. In Guizhou, China, undated. The fire broke out in a mountain in Bijie. (AsiaWire)

Douyin user ‘Are you seriously ill?’ said: “As a Guizhou native who is far away from home. I really appreciate everyone’s attention to the Guizhou wildfires. Thank you.”

Then user ‘Enlightenment’ commented: “May there be peace.”

And ‘Lisa’ added: “Pray for peace.”