Silence Of Lambs-Style Killer Wears Woman Victims Skin

Story byBartosz StaszewskiSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN

A man arrested on suspicion of being a killer who tortured and skinned a pretty blonde student to make a suit for himself like Buffalo Bill from the Silence of the Lambs has complained he is being bullied by prison guards.

Whingeing Robert J., 53, has been in jail since he was arrested in October 2017 on suspicion of having murdered, decapitated and dismembered 23-year-old student Katarzyna Zowada before using her skin to make a suit.

He is still awaiting trial and is back in the news after complaining that prison guards had harassed and insulted him in a move that has infuriated officers and prosecutors.

After being forced to investigate the claims and finding them groundless, they have now revealed they are going to add ‘lying to police’ by ‘falsely accusing the prison guards’ to the charges he faces.

Katarzyna Zowada’s skin was found after it got stuck in the propeller of a barge on the Vistula River in the city of Krakow in the Lesser Poland region of southern Poland in January 1999.

Investigators identified the victim as the pretty Religious Studies student at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, who had been decapitated and dismembered before her killer fashioned a suit out of her skin. Only her skin and legs were ever recovered.

Reports state her skin had been neatly cut away at the thighs and neck, reaching up to her left ear and the ‘suit’ did not include her face or arms.

Her nipples were also bizarrely absent.

The coroner said the remains had been in the water for around two or three weeks before she was found and a pathologist determined Zowada had been tortured before her death.

The case went cold for several years as leads ran dry and was closed before being reopened and investigators arrested Robert J. in October 2017.

He is yet to be charged with the murder and the case into the false allegations is ongoing.

Bartosz Staszewski

I am a journalist and correspondent mainly covering Poland and Eastern Europe.

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