Ex-WAG Of Russias Best Striker Knew About His Affairs

Story By: Zoey McDougall, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News & Sport Ltd.

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Picture Credit: Golders/@milana_tulpanova & Golders/@a.kerzhakov11

The ex-WAG of the most prolific goalscorer in the history of Russian football has said she knew all about her former husband’s affairs.

Beautiful blonde Milana Tyulpanova, 25, was married to former Zenit Saint Petersburg striker Aleksandr Kerzhakov, 36, for almost three years.

Milana, daughter of Russian Senator Vadim Tyulpanov, filed for divorce in May 2018 and now she says that she knew about most of her husband’s multiple affairs.

She said: “Our family life with Aleksandr had a lot of moments like that. I knew about the majority of times that he cheated on me, but for some strange reason that did not make me feel humiliated or affect my self-esteem.”

Kerzhakov is the most prolific goalscorer in the history of Russian football having scored 232 goals in competitive matches in the country.

The striker also scored 30 goals in 91 matches for the national team, making him the country’s leading goalscorer.

Stunning Tyulpanova is convinced that it is impossible to change the way people are, and adjust people’s needs.

She added: “I do not know any men who wouldn’t cheat, that includes my friends, acquaintance, my ex-boyfriends, and last but not least my husband.” 

Tyulpanova even had a private conversation about it with one of her male friends and says that she understands that it is impossible to live in a different way but still does not want to accept it. She concluded: “Cheating on someone is immoral.” 

She still tried to save her marriage, saying a family can outweigh lust and adding: “If a man wants to leave, he will always do that. And if he stays, maybe you are more valuable to him than a fling.”

The former WAG said that she would never try to convince anyone of her point of view but is happy to share her experience with other women.

A guest user of a local Internet forum said: “He started cheating on her prior to marrying her. He treated her badly.”

While another user added: “I wonder what all these men would say if they knew their wives and girlfriends were unfaithful to them?!”

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