Shocking Moment Man Slams Car Into Ex-Girlfriend Twice After Row

This is the shocking moment a man slams his car into his ex-girlfriend not once but twice after a furious row.

The incident happened after an argument between the suspect, named Igor dos Santos Silva, and the woman, which resulted in the attack. In Curicica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 6th February.

The horrifying CCTV footage shows the woman, who has not been named, running and asking for help from a cyclist while another passer-by flees.

In seconds, the grey car hits both the woman and the bicycle rider at high speed.

While the bike is smashed, the cyclist stands up and moves away.

Man runs over his ex twice in Curicica, West Zone of Rio, Brazil. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024. The two victims suffered bruises. (CEN)

But the woman, who tried to get up, falls to the ground again, while the man reverses and slams his car into her for a second time before fleeing.

Both the woman and the biker managed to escape the incident with only bruises, according to local media.

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Detective Augusto Lago, who is investigating the case, told local media that he had requested the preventive arrest of the suspect. Who is now wanted by the police.

He said: “The police count on the collaboration of the population and are making every effort to arrest the criminal.”

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