USA Hubby Throws Canadian Wife Over Airport Banister

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Airport police have arrested an American for throwing his Canadian wife over a third-floor staircase banister and putting her in a coma when she tried to stop him from boarding a flight today.

Witnesses said the husband leapt off the staircase landing shortly after, with both seen injured and lying on the ground next to nearby escalators in the early hours of the morning on 18th March (today).

Dramatic footage of the incident at Taoyuan International Airport in north-western Taiwan shows witnesses gathering around the couple as they lie motionless on the ground in the airport’s Terminal 2.

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Authorities say the Taiwanese Canadian woman surnamed Chang, 33, suffered multiple bone fractures as well as serious head trauma, and is currently in a coma at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in North Taiwan’s New Taipei City.

The Chinese American husband surnamed Wan, 32, allegedly resisted arrest and was forcefully detained by airport police, who said he suffered a collapsed lung.

According to Chang’s Taiwanese family members, the couple had been staying with them for two months after Wan, a licensed accountant, became jobless in the United States.

They are believed to have been arguing about where they are to stay next when Wan bought a ticket back to the US, with Chang then rushing to the airport in a bid to stop him from leaving the island.

The authorities say they will question both when their conditions stabilise, while the exact cause of the argument is still unclear.

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