Sexy Russian Influencer Lists What It Costs To Date Her

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This leggy Russian influencer has told male suitors details of some of the cash they are going to have to fork out monthly with annual extras for plastic surgeries and new iPhones if they want to get to “know” her.

Model and influencer Tanita Chochieva, from the city of Samara in the western Russian region of the same name, told her army of fans on the Russian social network VK that male suitors will need to have very deep pockets if they want to date her.

According to the Russian beauty, she will need for starters monthly expenses for makeup, clothes and shoes which total around 70,000 RUB (762 GBP).


In addition, any possible boyfriend will have to pay for annual extras such as plastic surgeries, new iPhones, jewellery and lavish trips abroad.

She said: “So the next time you think you want to get to know me, take a look at this ‘price’ and see if you can go along with it. Until then, don’t waste my time with stupid ‘hello let’s get acquainted’ messages. I only want to know successful young people.”

Netizen ‘Anton Fomin’ fumed: “What is the point of paying to date such an ugly person?”


‘Dmitry Burmantsev’ wrote: “You are quite ugly for your ‘valuation’, what are you offering a potential partner except for the obvious?”

‘Botanik Ulichny’ said: “Why be rude to this person? Everything is written clearly, she knows her worth, if you are in a position to do so, go forwards. If you cannot, just say goodbye.”

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