Sexy Ex-Cop In Drone Spy Robbery Gun Gang Arrest

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This is the sexy former female cop who was kicked off the force and has now been arrested for being part of a gang who spied on their victims using drones before robbing their homes with guns.

Johana Andrea Gaujan, 26, was arrested along with two male suspects and the gang have been charged with 17 robberies carried out in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The trio are suspected of having carried out a spate of robberies in the province and are said to have spied on their victims with a drone before robbing their homes.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@JohanaGaujan & CEN

The cops have dismantled the gang after one of their victims reported them to the police. The 81-year-old Japanese national, whose name has not been reported, told investigators he had spotted a drone flying over his property before he was robbed.

According to his statement, four thugs broke into his house and threatened him with a gun as they stole his belongings.

The man’s neighbours confirmed that they had been victims of a robbery with the same modus operandi.

Local media report the gang used the drone to watch their future victims’ movements and to know how many people were inside the homes.

Gaujan was arrested with two men aged 19 and 56 years old, one of whom is believed to be her boyfriend.

Gaujan was a police officer in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires before being kicked off the force in July 2016 for reportedly stealing cars.

The ex-cop has had breast enlargement surgery and often posts racy pics showing off her tattooed body online.

Local media report all three suspects showed off their luxury lifestyles funded by their robberies on social media.

Police seized cash, weapons, and mobile phones in raids on the suspects’ homes in the city of La Plata.

They have been charged with 17 counts of robbery and the investigation is ongoing.